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Digital Camera
In order to compare the huge amount of digital cameras that are now available on the market you would have to put in hours of effort, but don’t worry because we have already done it for you. Looking at a wide selection of the best digital cameras, we have organised them into a table that makes comparing features and models child’s play. You can easily scan the table for a particular function or quality, as well as simply using it to assess the best overall product or the one that offers the best cost to benefit ratio. (read more)

DSLR Camera
If you are looking for the highest-quality digital SLR camera (DSLR), then it can be tricky because so many are offered with slightly differing features and specifications. In the table, below, you can assess each of the leading manufacturer’s models at a glance with key features shown side by side. Different people want differing things from a DSLR, usually because they have an interest in a particular aspect of photography. Whether this applies to you or whether you simply want a better camera to improve your images, the table will help you to select the right one. (read more)

With so many smartphones on the market that capture videos, handheld camcorders have lost some of their former glory. Nevertheless, if you are interested in recording really good video, that beats anything that even the best smartphones can offer, then a true camcorder is for you. However, these specialist devices also can be hard to choose between because the amount of functions they offer varies so much. In order to make things as simple as possible we have reviewed the best of the latest camcorder models and recorded the results in an easy to understand table, below. (read more)

Blu Ray Player

The latest blu-ray players are better than ever before and, if you are looking to purchase one, the amount of choice on offer can make it something of a daunting prospect. Fear not, however, because we have made it as easy as possible by reviewing each of the current models and comparing them for you. The results of our extensive work assessing each of the blu-ray players are displayed below in a simple to understand table. Here, you can see which one comes out on top as the overall winner and which has been assessed as the most cost-effective choice. (read more)

DVD Player

DVDs have been around since 1995 and, soon after their launch, they became the fastest growing means for video playback of any format that had gone before it. Nowadays, DVD players tend to be able to cope with multiple formats and file types although they still vary in specification a great deal. By using the table, below, it is easy to navigate to the product that will be suit your needs. We have compared the best models that are currently on the market for you and have laid out the features and functions clearly so that you can make a like for like comparison. (read more)

DVD Player (portable)

Portable DVD players, which combine a DVD reader and a screen, are great devices for watching when you are away from home. They are increasingly popular as items that are taken on a holiday. You can also use them on a train journey or give one to your children to entertain them on a long car journey. However, establishing which one might be the best for your particular requirements is not so easy, especially as there are so many models to choose from. We have reviewed the best manufacturer’s products for you and laid out the results in a table that makes… (read more)