Best Camcorder | Comparison & Test Winner 2016

With so many smartphones on the market that capture videos, handheld camcorders have lost some of their former glory. Nevertheless, if you are interested in recording really good video, that beats anything that even the best smartphones can offer, then a true camcorder is for you. However, these specialist devices also can be hard to choose between because the amount of functions they offer varies so much. In order to make things as simple as possible we have reviewed the best of the latest camcorder models and recorded the results in an easy to understand table, below.

Camcorder JVC GZ-E105 SD Toshiba Camileo P25 Sony PJ530E Built In Projector Panasonic HC-V250EB-K Panasonic HX-WA3EB-W Canon Legria HF R56 Panasonic HC-V510 Sony CX220
Score 6 / 10 7 / 10 10 / 10 7 / 10 9 / 10 7 / 10 7 / 10 6 / 10
Photo quality
Video quality
Megapixel 2.5 MP 5 MP 8.9 MP 2.5 MP 16 MP 3.2 MP 10 MP 8.9 MP
Focal length 2.9 – 116 mm 3 – 52 mm 1.9 – 57 mm 2.06 – 103 mm 3 – 52 mm 3 – 52 mm 2.06 – 103 mm 2,1 – 57,0 mm
Display 2.7″ 2.6″ 2.7″ 3.0″ 2.6″ 3.0″ 3.0″ 2.7″
Optical zoom 40 x 16 x 30 x 50 x 18 x 32 x 50 x 27 x
Video  Full-HD  Full-HD  Full-HD  Full-HD  Full-HD  Full-HD  Full-HD
Auto focusing
Features / / Built In Projector Wi-Fi 5 m Waterproof Wi-Fi / Carl Zeiss lens
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Last Update: March 2016

Just look at the relevant section of the table to compare features on a like for like basis. You can also use it to determine the best overall camcorder as well as the product which offers the most cost-effective choice.

If you want to record video of a higher than average quality – up to an including broadcast standard images, then a highly specified camcorder what you should go for. Look at the table to determine which has the best video quality. We have used a handy star rating system to make this as easy as possible. However, it is also a good idea to check the number of megapixels each camcorder has because this is a good indication of image quality, too. Many camcorders also offer a great alternative use as a stills camera. We have laid out a similar star rating for photographic quality within the table as well.

Best Camcorder – Comparison & Test Winner 2016

Not all of the camcorders reviewed afford the recording full HD (high definition) images so – if this is important to you – check which ones do in the table. Similarly, use the table to assess the relative sizes of the screens. Larger displays, generally speaking, help you to capture the action as it is going on in front of you more easily. They also help you to playback your video immediately to friends and family.

Another key feature that you can assess with ease from the table is the relative focal length of each of the camcorders. Each device will have a different sort of lens which means that the focal length can be adjusted. However, each has a limit and you can see from the table which camcorder offers the best range with this function.